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Lottie Moon Week of Prayer Day 8

December 7, 2014 | by: Brian Williams | 0 comments

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Day 8: Planting seeds for planting churches

Today, Lily Llambes helps others embrace the true God. But at 25, she grappled with where to place her faith when she was invited into Santeria, whose practices are similar to voodoo.

Instead, she became a Christian. For nearly a decade, she and her husband, Carlos, have served as Southern Baptist missionaries in the Dominican Republic. She has led home Bible studies and counseled women how to lead Christ-centered lives, including on a radio broadcast in several Latin American countries.

Carlos started church-planting classes to reach Haitians as well as Dominicans, resulting in nearly 100 new churches within the past five years.

Partnering churches — including First Baptist Church, Pompano Beach, Fla. — prayerwalk and invite residents to Bible studies led by local Baptists.

“All the church planters, the pastor-missionaries, they have a passion for church starting,” Carlos says. “And, once they form one, they don’t stop. They look for another community without an evangelical church and start another one.”

This year, the Llambes relocated to Mexico City to plant churches. Of the capital city’s more than 4,200 neighborhoods, more than 3,300 of them do not have an evangelical church, Carlos says. Neighborhoods can contain as many as 20,000 people in the city of 28 million.

Pray for the Llambes family as they embark on a church-planting effort in Mexico City.

Pray the church planters in the Dominican Republic and partnering U.S. churches would have discernment as they share about the true Savior.

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