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At Heritage, we dream of having an impact beyond the walls of our community and even our country. In 2009, Heritage Community Church began a partnership in reaching out to the county of Nicaragua.

With just over 5 million in population, The World Bank recently reported that over 40% of the Nicaraguan population lives in absolute poverty. This extreme poverty is overwhelmingly rural with large concentrations in the Central Mountainous region. According to the World Food Program, Nicaragua is considered to be one of the 14 countries in the world with a seriously precarious food supply situation. Some 45% of children in Nicaragua suffer from one kind of nutritional deficiency or another with the poor in the mountainous regions being hit the hardest.

While there is extreme poverty in Nicaragua, there is also a serious shortage of medical coverage. Statistics tell us that there are less than thirty public hospitals serving the entire country with 3.7 doctors for every every 10,000 Nicaraguans. The school systems see tens of thousands of children held at home by parents who lack any source of income. Many Nicaraguans have difficulty paying for food, let alone school supplies.

Our long term agenda involves the establishment of a functioning, profit-based business that will employ Nicaraguans while providing resources to enlarge our ministry impact. Our desire is to train Christian lay veterinarians and medical personnel that will serve in areas where there is presently no medical assistance. In addition, there is a great need in Nicaragua for access to clean water. To address this need, we are partnering with LWI (Living Water International) to provide clean water by purchasing water wells and regularly sending teams to Nicaragua to place those water wells in villages with no access to clean water. At this time, the villages around the city of Rivas is our target area for sending teams and placing water wells.

In the fall of 2012, after some discussions with the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, we agreed to adopt and seek out the Mayagna tribe, an unreached people group that live in the jungles of Nicaragua bordering Honduras. We will send our first team to locate this people group and begin establishing an ongoing relationship to bring the gospel to them in the fall of 2013.

For more information on how you can participate or be involved in Nicaragua, contact us at info@heritagecommunity.org.